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Compelling Reasons To Buy Gold and Silver NOW

Given the uncertainty of our economy and financial underpinnings, there's never been a better time than now to own some Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium bullion. As a trusted advisor & provider of precious metals, I can give at least 4 compelling reasons to buy gold and silver bullion right now:

Gold and silver are safe, real, tangible assets that you can use, spend or sell quickly if need be--and there's only a limited amount of the metals, thus ensuring their value.

With raging government deficits, gold and silver will become more important in the global economy and grow in value. These relatively stable, valuable metals are viewed as hedges against inflation or devaluation by individuals, companies, universities, governments, bank, brokerage firms and insurance companies. They are also ideal for asset protection purposes.

• Governments, Banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies here and abroad own gold, silver and other precious metals--because these metals are proven winners. Even foreign governments--such as China, India, South Korea, South Africa and Germany--are quietly buying and safeguarding their gold and silver (because they know for certain their value will increase as paper currencies in debt-ridden countries like the U.S. and Europe continue to decline). Why shouldn't you?!

Financial experts believe that you should own some precious metals. Having 10% to 25% of your assets in gold and silver just makes wise financial sense.

The best, most liquid forms of gold and silver to own are bullion coins, bars and rounds. You can also start or roll over some of your IRA funds into a Precious Metals IRA. But we heartily recommend taking personal possession of your precious metals because we wouldn't want your metals sitting in a reserve in Delaware somewhere if and when the economy collapses and you need the metals to survive.

To buy and learn more about how to convert your cash/currency, old 401k or IRA into precious metals, call Precious Metals Advisory LLC at (904) 887-2986.

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